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Dorothy Wightman

Access to the widest, most exclusive and unique range of fabrics, furniture, lighting and carpets means everything can be sourced and provided in-house. All craftwork (including beadwork and fabric embellishment) is performed in the Company’s work-shop and all being hand-work to the most exacting and peerless standards - no such work what-so-ever is contracted out.

Interpreting and meeting clients’ aspirations is a particular strength and characteristic of Dorothy Wightman herself. Recreation or recovery of period styles and ambience, if the objective be such, is aided by the necessary width and in-depth knowledge required. Likewise with contemporary design and modernity, this can be accommodated in fittings, soft-fittings and furniture. The Company is backed by its own team of joiners, blacksmiths and carpet fitters - all craft-persons in their own right. In effect this means that hand-made furniture can be made to fit any room or specification as can iron-work and floor coverings.

Reputation is of the highest importance to Dorothy Wightman Fine Furnishings - many commissions are now through personal reference. Many clients wish to protect the uniqueness of the work produced for them by the Company. Dorothy Wightman has a policy and practice in place to strictly comply with the wishes of confidentiality expressed by her clients.